Monday, July 03, 2006

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"Time to Surf!" cs
An analog effort from some anxious and unapologetic Students. Sublime ferocity is the way to describe this one. Sublime ferocity and a backhand to the breadbox. And then it kind of trails off. These are going fast.

RR 03

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VIOLENT STUDENTS "Street Banger" 12"
Another strangulated hard volume from the free-HC-sike scumfucs of the pile-up. This one's recorded live before an oversexed and underdressed warehouse audience and it features guest vocals by the naked chicks in the front row. Could've been even sicker but some busy body stopped recording. Zapped up, slowed down, and ahead of your time.

RR//TT 06

"the Brutal Birthday" e.p.
Six damaged muscular curveball nutbusters on this one. The Clevo rage-aholics' first phase: a heavily distorted rag-tag outfit stewed in the cellar of the limpest zipcode in the midwest. Improbably catchy, anthemic, and one-sided.

RR//TT 05

Events of Note

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ THE DICKS @ the Fire in Philadelphia July 28

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ SNAKE APARTMENT, the CONVERSIONS @ the Lilypad in Boston July 29

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ SNAKE APARTMENT, the FUZZ @ tba in Providence July 30

VIOLENT STUDENTS (w/ guest guitar by ANDY GILES) w/ AWESOME COLOR, maybe even BARDO POND @ the Fire in Philadelphia August 2

VIOLENT STUDENTS (w/ guest guitar by JIM WINTERS) w/ COMETS ON FIRE @ the FU CHURCH in Philadelphia August 31