Sunday, November 15, 2009

Broadcast Yourself

Kurt Vile

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show details Nov 11 (4 days ago)
hey bro: check out this hilarious "documentary" this weird kid made about our chicago gig, etc. its a little over the top but his choice of words and stuff crack me the fuck up. there's a snippet of us doin "good lookin out" too. if you ever get bored and wanna put on your blog, go 'head. but no big deal, just thought u might find some of it funny. plus there's a pick of me behind stage admiring lea cho jammin some keys, gives turbo and mike z some love, etc...

lets hang soon, bitch!

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joshuapkelly said...

i know this comment doesn't go with the theme of this post, but i don't know how blogspot works and i don't know if you'd get a comment i left for a blog post from 3 years ago.

i was wondering, i know that they are long gone, if you would be able to upload any violent students stuff? i have the street banger and the self titled jams, but i would love to hear the "time to surf!" tape you put out. i've scoured the internet long and hard with no results, so i've decided to give the last resort a try. if you'd rather not upload it, totally understandable.



you can reach me back at or just through here, i'll check up on it.