Monday, June 11, 2007


Yo. We've still got some copies of "Frogrammer b/w Early Man" by CLOCKCLEAN ER. Get in touch if you want to buy ten copies for $30. Otherwise, go talk to bistro distro or Aquarius Music.

In the future, look forward to increased availability of HOMOSTUPIDS "The Brutal Birthday EP" as well as the debut single by FNU RONNIES.

And if you're horny for new Skull Music from CLOCKCLEAN ER and HOMOSTUPIDS, go talk to Load Records in October.

In the meantime, here's a short list of items to spend your leisure dollars on...

One of the premier groups of the Skull Music genre wraps their furry paws around a long player. One of several exciting new platters on Parts Unknown. Look forward to Homostupids releases on P.Trash and Load.

PINK REASON "Cleaning the Mirror" LP/CD
A full length full of longing and sincerity. Acoustic guitars, moody vocals, and long instrumental passages, yet surprisingly popular among TestosterTunes employees. Check them out on tour.
On MySpace

IMPERIALIST PIGS "Cork Screw Pork Sword EP"
Unearthed tunes featuring a young Pig Champion standing on his own two legs. Not as hostile as Pick Your King, but almost as fast.
Fatal Erection Records

CHEATER SLICKS "Walk Into the Sea"
Buzzy, throbbing, pummelling, catchy tunes on the 8th album by just about the only garage-oriented group on the planet completely devoid of faggy swagger. In a just world, the Cheater Slicks would sell millions of records and perform at the Super Bowl while the rest of us haunted the bars of Columbus, Ohio.
Dead Canary Records