Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uriah Killingher on Phils & Birds

Checked in with Kensington's notorious sandlot ballplayer Uriah Killingher recently. We tuned the radio to hear the Phils fight their way to clinching the NL East as we hashed over post-season possibilities and scenarios. Contributions from Pedro, the reawakening of Raul's bat, the career-year from Werth, a recent grand slam from Feliz, Bruntlett's triple play, the need for some rest before playoffs, pitching woes... we covered all the big topics. He expressed cautious optimism at the Phils' chances at a repeat. One thing is certain: there are some tough teams standing between the Phils and another parade up Broad Street, but the 2009 squad has the talent and the heart to make it happen.

Also got a peak at Ryan Howard's autograph, which was awarded to Uriah at a clinic he attended at Richie Ashburn Field at FDR Park.

We hoped to get some insights into his father's hard rock band, Birds of Maya, but it turns out that Uriah "never really heard them", despite living in the house where they practice and having attended a recent outdoor gig.

See Birds of Maya live in concert, Saturday October 3 @ Kong Fu Necktie in Phila w/ Kurt Vile & the Violators; Wednesday October 7 @ the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

KV on the PW..

Cover Story

Yo check it out.. Ol' Kurt Vile made the cover of this week's edition of the liberal newspaper called the Philadelphia Weekly. This fine piece with goofy puns as titles was penned by a fine scribe named Brian McManus and some guy called Mike snapped the photos. Set your web browser to the following link for a full-on multi-media presentation...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Each evening for the past week or so we've clasped our hands and prayed to God. We put our faith in Her that She ensures that the left wrist of Carlos Ruiz makes a speedy recovery and he can soon put his mask back on and get behind the plate for our Philadelphia Phillies. The guy is a goddamn warrior and we'll need his mercenary mentality, his fearless defense of home plate, and his rifle arm in the postseason.

To read more about this distinguished Major League catcher, click on this link and search "Carlos Ruiz."

Friday, September 25, 2009

FNU RONNIES hit the road
photo found at the epictheatre weblog

The nation's finest bi-coastal, cantankerous 3-piece is getting in the van and visiting fans in the select cities. Peep these dates to see if your town made the grade...

Sep 26 2009 8:00P
Bourbon st. w/ Psych Horseshit - Puffy Areolas Columbus, Ohio
Sep 27 2009 6:00P
now thats class (early show) Homostupids + Sports Bra + BBQ Cleveland, Ohio
Sep 28 2009 8:00P
Lager House w/ TV GHOST Detroit, Michigan
Oct 2 2009 3:00P
Montreal Pop fest:: Matinee show w/ Pink Noise @ the friendship cove Montreal, Quebec
Oct 2 2009 8:00P
: MONTREAL POP FEST: w/ Human Eye + Terrible 2’s @ Casa Del Popolo Montreal, Quebec
Oct 3 2009 8:00P
WestCo cafe: w/ Homostupids - TV Ghost -Twin Stumps Middletown, Connecticut
Oct 8 2009 8:00P
Shea Stadium: w/ TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve brooklyn, New York
Oct 9 2009 8:00P
Silent Barn: w/ TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve Brooklyn, New York
Oct 10 2009 8:00P
Citzens Bank Stadium - TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Rare Treat: 3 music reviews

Here ya go, readers. Not very timely, but these releases fit the narrow scope of this weblog..

FRESH CUTS & CIGARETTE BURNS compilation single
Criminal IQ Records

Well, here’s a 6 band compilation single on Criminal IQ. I’m under the impression that the cover I have a rush-job for t
est-presses. Let’s hope so, as it’s below par for even the low standards of this weblog. At any rate, we can only hope that the “Steve Firth” responsible for the art received a passing grade in a community college graphic design course. The music? The FNU Ronnies start it off with one of their best. Fans will recognize it as a staple of their live set. It’s called “Ain’t No Place” and it’s a goddamn punk scorcher with a stiff shouted robotic chant on top of it all. The type of tune that the Ronnies exceed at. Up next is the surprise winner of the record… “Fuck Kids” by Sick Jump! Not sure if the title should be read as a demand or a sentiment, but it’s a fucking rager. Loud guitar, foaming vocals, lashing-out kind of vibe to this. Seems kind of indebted to the Boston Crew.. specifically Gang Green and Jerry’s Kids. The record’s worth the price for these 45 seconds alone. This one’s high in the running for tune of the year. The record takes a nosedive from there. The plane crashes right into the goddamn mountain. A couple tracks are inspired by British accents and skinny-tie type music. At the end is pretty serviceable HC pro-drug tune from Clevo’s Flying Trichecos, but who has the patience to wade through the nonsense that comes before it?

SICK JUMP! Cassette
38/100 self released

Here’s a pretty handsome cassette from the Philadelphia area’s possibly defunct Sick Jump! And I can assure you that the band and not me provides the explanation point at the end of their moniker. It’s got a nice looking package, a photo of some zonked-looking band members, and about a dozen compelling song titles. I was hoping that the music on this tape would live up to the standard set on their track on the compilation described above, but there’s no way to tell because the fucking drug addicts in the band forget to dub any of their own music onto the cassette. Instead I’ve got a tape of some jazz-guy named Boyd Raeburn that’s been defaced by a Sick Jump sticker. If anyone out there as heard this thing, please get in touch. I’d love to read about it…

Fan Death Records

Ah, the New Flesh. With the exception of TUI, they’re just about the only worthwhile outfit from Baltimore. This is a reissued, pro-made cassette of their original demo recorded in 2003 back in the classic Danny Propert/ Rick Weaver/ Jason (fucking) Donnells phase of the band. Real thuggish and ugly, the rhythm section cooks up a trebly swirl, while the guitar kind of grinds up against it. Despite the occasional blast-beat, this shit just builds and builds and gets tenser and tenser with no release. Tortured vocals give it a real alienating vibe… kinda distant and addressed to no one in particular as opposed to being pissed off. Howling at the moon, I guess. Hard to take on repeated listens… it’s got a pretty gross sound. Any sicko who likes this should seek out a copy of their split 12” with a group called Puke Attack. That one still gets a lot of spins around here.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

What's for sale?

Well the fax machine is all jammed up from overuse. Why? All of you RR//TT Fanatics keep asking about available titles and how do I buy them and is it sold out and what is a paypal and blah blah blah. Well, here's a complete list of each and every item that we can sell you at this time.

Set your browser to if you're interested in product descriptions and peer-reviews.

Prices are FOR THE U.S.A only. Get in touch if you live somewhere else.

Prices include postage. Paypal to TestosterTunes at gmail dot com

Wholesale prices? Shoot over an email.

What’s for sale, the definitive list.

RR//TT#23 FACTORYMEN “Shitman” on 12” vinyl LP $13

RR//TT#21-A KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS “The Hunchback E.P.” on 12” vinyl $13

RR//TT#21-B KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS “The Hunchback E.P.” on compact disc $10

RR//TT#16 FNU RONNIES “Meat” 45 rpm vinyl single $5.50

RR//TT# CLOCKCLEAN ER “Frogrammer” b/w “Early Man” 45 rpm vinyl single $5.50

SC08 CLOCKCLEAN ER “Skinheaded Lady” b/w “Hate City” Australian import vinyl single $7