Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dec 11 2006

There is a new disc by Violent Students called Street Banger. Buy it not from a reputable distributor.

We've been trying to come up with this year's top ten list.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Some Things to Look Forward To...

VIOLENT STUDENTS "Street Banger" (RR//TT 06) on compact disc. Not on vinyl. Mucho anticipated, long delayed release from these bottom feeders. no pre-orders, please. RIYL: scuzz, res, Mags.

KISS (RR//TT 07-11) cassette boxset. All 4 solo slabs in a convenient boxset. Perfect for walkmen, trans-ams, and completists.

Still available...
HOMOSTUPIDS "The Brutal Birthday EP"
Membership to the CCDFC

Monday, September 11, 2006


RR//TT 05
5 Dollars postpaid in the US for a single copy. $5.50 if you use paypal.
International orders? Costs more money.
10 copies or more? Costs less money. Less per copy.

Send an email before you order.

TestosterTunes [at} gmail [dot] com

Friday, August 25, 2006


Hey Freaks

The call just came around the horn. Those HOMOSTUPIDS singles are shipped and on their way to HQ. Richie Records is truly blessed to be a part of this and everyone out there is lucky to live in this exciting age. You all had better get down or lay down. They're gonna cost you 5 bucks each. We will accept MOs and maybe even paypal. Get in touch for details.

While you're waiting to get the record in your hairy palms, take a peek at an interview with a member of HOMOSTUPIDS on a competing weblog.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Just some shows to announce

Hello Folks

Things have been moving along here at HQ. We laid off a couple of guys and we've worked out a deal with a new distributor. HOMOSTUPIDS testpresses are in the mail. Keep an eye out for those.

Some Testostertunes approved events include Home Blitz in a rare live appearance, VIOLENT STUDENTS performing with a very special guest, and CLOCKCLEANER all the way over there in Chicago. Here's some details....

Home Blitz @ in Brooklyn real soon on the 24th of August. Check out that shit before the hiatus. The venue is called Crows Pace it is "a dyke run drug and alcohol free d. i. y. activist space with a feminist focus and endless bright ideas." Go to the show anyway!

VIOLENT STUDENTS warm the crowd for Comets on Fire in Philadelphia on August 31st at the FU Church. Sitting in on guitar that night is celebrated shredder Jim Winters. Jim did some essential heavy albums in the 90s. He turned down a career with some buddies of ONYX and for one night he's a Student. Get your ticket today!

CLOCKCLEANER will be bringin' it down on September 9th at a place called The Mutiny in Chicago. This is gonna their farthest stop west for a while. Get to town early and sneak a candid peek of the group at the T&G block party across town.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Recent Spins; Singles Edition: a little hole, a big hole, 14 inches all told

Hey readers, here's what's been keeping the office abuzz. Reviews of records written by the staff. Scroll down to see what we've got to sell.

HOME BLITZ 45 rpm 7inch single

Retarded teenage sounds. Probably not made by a teenager. Assuredly made by one dude all by himself. This shit swings like high school desperation. Like if you can play all the rock instruments and cut a record maybe she’ll let you get a grip on her shit. The mailorder department working out a deal to stock this title.

HOMOSTUPIDS “the Glow” ep 45 rpm 7inch single

Distorted nihilist shit that is totally ready to hit the fan. Ready to knock shit the fuck DOWN. They know how to let a dude spit fire and tarter sauce into a mic and when to let a guitar fucking breathe man. For real you, the speakers will rattle when the band starts, but they’ll try and strangle you when the vocals kick in. We liked this one so much we got a limited number to sell through the mail. We liked it so much that we’re releasing a record by the group called “the Brutal Birthday” ep.

Well those are our reviews this time around, folks. Maybe next time we'll tell you about the Sex Pistols. No Feelings and all that. We're working out deals to release music by the PROFOS and KISS, so stay tuned as that develops.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Description of Products

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"Time to Surf!" cs
An analog effort from some anxious and unapologetic Students. Sublime ferocity is the way to describe this one. Sublime ferocity and a backhand to the breadbox. And then it kind of trails off. These are going fast.

RR 03

,,,buy later,,,

VIOLENT STUDENTS "Street Banger" 12"
Another strangulated hard volume from the free-HC-sike scumfucs of the pile-up. This one's recorded live before an oversexed and underdressed warehouse audience and it features guest vocals by the naked chicks in the front row. Could've been even sicker but some busy body stopped recording. Zapped up, slowed down, and ahead of your time.

RR//TT 06

"the Brutal Birthday" e.p.
Six damaged muscular curveball nutbusters on this one. The Clevo rage-aholics' first phase: a heavily distorted rag-tag outfit stewed in the cellar of the limpest zipcode in the midwest. Improbably catchy, anthemic, and one-sided.

RR//TT 05

Events of Note

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ THE DICKS @ the Fire in Philadelphia July 28

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ SNAKE APARTMENT, the CONVERSIONS @ the Lilypad in Boston July 29

CLOCKCLEAN ER w/ SNAKE APARTMENT, the FUZZ @ tba in Providence July 30

VIOLENT STUDENTS (w/ guest guitar by ANDY GILES) w/ AWESOME COLOR, maybe even BARDO POND @ the Fire in Philadelphia August 2

VIOLENT STUDENTS (w/ guest guitar by JIM WINTERS) w/ COMETS ON FIRE @ the FU CHURCH in Philadelphia August 31

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Items For Purchase

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!" cs

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RR#5 HOMOSTUPIDS "The Brutal Birthday" ep 1 sided 33 RPM 7"

,,,Distributed Titles,,,

,,available now,,

REP 95 CLOCKCLEAN ER "Nevermind" full length compact disc

hd024 CLOCKCLEAN ER "Missing Dick" b/w "By The Door" 33 1/3 RPM 7"

MANIC 9985 CLOCKCLEAN ER "The Hassler" 45 RPM 12"/cdep

PUR 19 VIOLENT STUDENTS "s/t" compact disc

MME 003 HOMOSTUPIDS "The Glow" ep 45 RPM 7inch

,,available later,,

REP 95 / hd030 CLOCKCLEAN ER "Nevermind" full length LP

PUR 25 CLOCKCLEAN ER "Frogrammer" b/w "Early Man" 33 1/3 RPM 7"

hd025 CLOCKCLEAN ER "Hands Are For Holding" 33 1/3 RPM 7"

ordering information?
try richie.charles [at] gmail [dot] com