Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BLUES CONTROL record release event in NYC, USA

ATTN: all readers condemned to the Mid-Atlantic region.

This coming Saturday evening, BLUES CONTROL
is hosting some sort of party at an art gallery in Brooklyn, NY in honor of their recent, stellar album titled "Local Flavor". You all are encouraged to attend despite the poor choice of venue and locale. You'll get to see BC (possibly joined by KV and Jesse Turbo) and others (including some kind of six-string street performer...) play some music and you'll get to look at an entire room of paintings which were painted by a painter named Octavius Neveaux and inspired by the band. The band BLUES CONTROL. Evidently the guy would listen to one BC tune all day long and paint the day away, filling up a canvas with something that may or may not refer to his soundtrack for that day.

So it's at a place called the Cinders Gallery at 103 Havemeyer St and it starts at 7 and ends at 11. See ya there..

There's likely more detailed information provided here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 web-based videos of questionable quality and merit..

Excellent subjects though. Here's something to watch about CLOCKCLEAN ER and then something about BLUES CONTROL.. Keep an eye peeled for Andy Giles in the Cleaner vid. No unexpected guests in the BC segment..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


“Shitman” LP

“Shitman” is the new record from Cleveland’s FACTORYMEN. It’s a thirteen track, double-sided vinyl album that will be wildly praised by some and categorically dismissed by others. You probably already know where you stand.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'll tell ya what. There's a lot of unsung heroes in this business. We're talking about SHOW BUSINESS. Behind each KURT VILE track is an equally gifted recording engineer. Behind each HOMOSTUPIDS release -- a similarly tasteless entertainment manager. The FNU RONNIES? They're likely fueled by a thankless provider of illegal stimulants. So CLOCKCLEAN ER... those guys were blessed to have in their camp a true professional. He's an accomplished model and actor with parts in television programs and full-length feature films. Of course, we're talking about ROBERT BOILEAU. He's appeared in truTV's Forensic Files, M. Night Shamalan's "The Happening", and pictured in the gatefold to CLOCKCLEAN ER's "Babylon Rules".

Take a look at some his work right here on YouTube, an internet-based video sharing network. And this is just a taste. Look for him later this year opposite Reese Witherspoon in a film with noted Professional Sports Fan Jack Nicholson..

Here he is in THE HAPPENING.. skip ahead to 3:45 and peak to Mark Wahlberg's left. (MARKS'S LEFT!! NOT YOURS!!)

And here's Bob in a pilot-commercial for the Subway Hoagie Chain. It was rejected. He is only featured in the beginning and the end. The middle is pretty stupid.