Friday, July 09, 2010


photo by Tiffany Yoon
7:09 PM me: Yo thanks for sending over the dates, I'm sure that my midwest readers will flip
Daniel: no prob
some of them are a bit vague
7:10 PM but I will send you all the details when I have them
I have to go see Sex & The City 2
me: who's the lucky lady?
Daniel: who said anything about a lady?
7:11 PM me: why are you going to see that movie?
Daniel: my friend wants to
I'll tell you all about it
they go to Dubai
me: well i heard that they have a fabulous time in an exotic locale
listen man have fun
7:12 PM i'll have to tell you about my popcorn trick sometime
it never fails
Daniel: I know it
I'll save it for next time

July 17th - Buffalo, NY
@The Mile High Clubhouse

July 18th - Cleveland, OH
apartment above Now That's Class. Whoa.

July 19th - Toledo, OH

July 20th - Chicago, IL
@Box Social
w/ Mickey, Spike's Sweet Spots

July 21st - Milwuakee, WI
@Ground Zero
w/ AluminumKnotEye, Sticks N Stones, Little Vectors

July 22nd - Minneapolis, MN

@Fecal Manor
w/ Real Numbers

July 23rd - Omaha, NE
house show
w/ Yuppies

July 24th - Kansas City, KS
@Studded Bird
w/ Freds, Prosthetics

July 25th - St. Louis, MO
@Cranky Yellow
w/ Symptoms, Cardiac Arrest, Sweet Tooth

July 26th - Lafayette, IN
@Black Sparrow Pub
w/ Pink Reason, Mount Carmel

July 27th - Bloomington, IN
@The Bishop
w/ Proto Idiot, Moscow Moscow Moscow, Pillow Screamers

July 28th - Louisville, KY
@Skull Alley

July 29th - Columbus, OH
w/ Day Creeper, Vile Gash

July 30th - Pittsburgh, PA