Thursday, August 16, 2012

READY TO HOWL on compact disc!!! Hand-held beer coolers!!!

Available now on compact disc... BIRDS OF MAYA's landmark 2xlp Ready to Howl, wrestled down and improbably tamed to a small digital disc... excellent driving music, essential for any twisted nighttime caper... "thee ultimate party record"...  includes tracks from the out-of-print BIRDS OF MAYA w/ HARMONICA DAN tour-single... available worldwide from Agitated Records... available in the US for $13ppd to flashback over here... and here... and here.



And in an effort to keep beer cold, we present... Richie Records // TestosterTunes Beer Koozis!!! Essential for any barbecue, picnic, or hangout, these little buggers are gray in color and handsome in design. They hold bottles & cans with equal proficiency & they'll inspire envy in poorly equipped drinkers. Get one for $4ppd (or two for $6) by paypal to