Saturday, December 27, 2008

Australia round-up..

Here's a wrap-up from the CLOCKCLEAN ER ARE AMERICAN SKINHEADS tour of Australia. This tour summary is not too exciting, but neither is Australia. Predictably, the native mates treated us like big-league cultural ambassadors from a truly first-rate land. The bushpigs? Well, they were wrapped in fine silks and offered as gifts to indulge our every desire. Let's just agree that the Chinese countries don't have a monopoly on geishas on the Pacific Rim.

Beyond their archaic views on women's rights, Australians are backward and retro in their adoration for the pop-singer called Pink and their steady whining about the American President called George Bush Jr. A stop in Australia is a lot like a 24-hour plane ride to the recent past. A recent past designed for weak babies. No one has cable, billiard balls are undersized, and no one can handle their liquor. In fact, they serve beer in little shot-glasses.

Anyway, here's some photos..

NAKED ON THE VAGUE in Sydney....

An opening act in Perth...

The Australian word for bird is "Magpie" and they're all fucking assholes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the USA

Well Cleaner is finished with Australia. Expect a real in-depth tour expose to be published on this very weblog. Highlights include words and pictures. Topics include chucking objects in the boot, whinging about magpies, and avoiding punishment and punishers.

For now, check out this youtube clip of the stupidest thing to ever happen on earth...