Saturday, December 27, 2008

Australia round-up..

Here's a wrap-up from the CLOCKCLEAN ER ARE AMERICAN SKINHEADS tour of Australia. This tour summary is not too exciting, but neither is Australia. Predictably, the native mates treated us like big-league cultural ambassadors from a truly first-rate land. The bushpigs? Well, they were wrapped in fine silks and offered as gifts to indulge our every desire. Let's just agree that the Chinese countries don't have a monopoly on geishas on the Pacific Rim.

Beyond their archaic views on women's rights, Australians are backward and retro in their adoration for the pop-singer called Pink and their steady whining about the American President called George Bush Jr. A stop in Australia is a lot like a 24-hour plane ride to the recent past. A recent past designed for weak babies. No one has cable, billiard balls are undersized, and no one can handle their liquor. In fact, they serve beer in little shot-glasses.

Anyway, here's some photos..

NAKED ON THE VAGUE in Sydney....

An opening act in Perth...

The Australian word for bird is "Magpie" and they're all fucking assholes.

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