Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're Back

Hello again readers. I should apologize for the absence. They say that a spurned lover can only be pushed away so many times before she's had enough. Well I hope that we haven't reached the limit yet, baby. Let me tug at your heartstrings a little while longer.
So what's the story? What do I have to report? Not much.
By now, everybody knows that the WATERY LOVE matinee was an unparalleled success. Dozens of good-time guys and girls showed up for the afternoon of a lifetime filled with beer, loud guitars, and sunshine. Speaking of WL, click over here to listen to and download the tracks from the out of print Debut 45. Thanks to Jason Sigal at the WFMU's Free Music Archive for that.
Most of us have seen PURLING HISS perform a number of times, and those unkempt bags o' bones are picking up steam with each billing. If you knock back a few pints and squint your eyes, you'd swear that the rhythm section is named Scott and Ron. And Dizzy? Everyone agrees that he's the voice of a generation that howls at the moon and talks with its fingers.
Good buddy and friend to the label DJ Sully has retaken the FM dial on Thursday mornings. He's promised slightly more conventional playlists with the same insightful commentary and guest voices. The program is called The Naked Gun and you can learn more over here.
And now let's get down to it. Let's find out what 2011 has in store, what better food you're going to eat, and what you're going to buy that you can't already afford. The Future...
This year will bring tunes from FACTORYMEN, SPACIN', BLUES CONTROL & other select artists.
PARTY ADDICTION is proving to be a hell of an album. It's finding it's way to the top of the charts and we can all agree that it bridges the gap between Kraut and krautrock.
You might as well know that we've joined the social networking site called Twitter. Take a peak at if you'd like to keep in touch. No musings on current events or limp stabs at humor, simply relevant information and life lessons.