Wednesday, June 04, 2008


In an ongoing campaign to embrace new technology... Here's an interview with Philadelphia's Constant Hitmaker.

Kurt Vile can play a guitar as well as he can operate a forklift and he has 25 brothers and sisters.

Check him out at upcoming live events on the east coast and check in with him @ Also look out for his HUNCHBACK single coming out on RichieRecords//TestosterTunes this summer.

Interview conducted using text messages and mobile telephones.

Yo ain't it mushroom season?

KV: Maybe it is rich, maybe it is... Ha ha ha!!! THAT kinda party time is POTENT.

So ur just strummin' an acoustic git on sunday?

KV SATURDAY day. Night as duo electrified... We re gonna eat this bag of mushrooms before we go on just like the beatles done back in york...

That block party is sat? Dude this VU documentary is full of d-bags and full of shit. Some snowboarder is talking about that tune Heroin

KV It's not a blockparty its in clark part with tons of deleted and fans... Yeah i remember the snowboarder! I think he plays his gay electric soon.

Ha yeah. That piece of shit has a sticker that looks like fire on his stupid ax. Did you finish those vocal tracks tonight?

KV No. i'm trapped in slow mode. Ill prob get inspiration after all the giggage. Maybe sunday. I listened to the b side though. Heard some edits...

Even doug yule gets some face time. At least mo tucker never stopped kicking ass..

KV You should give your girl some face time.(down there)

I'm not really in2 4play. You still want her to trim your wild hair or are you gonna tie it in a rubber band?

KV I want her to. I need her to. I got kicked outta every dang barber shop this side o the mississippi.

Yeah you look likd shit. Fucking yule sang candy says?!?! Allright goodnight. C ya at work tomorow..