Monday, August 29, 2011

WATERY LOVE rescheduled for Wednesday

Hey, the Hurricane blew through and was underwhelming and the bar preemptively cancelled yesterday's scheduled WATERY LOVE gig. No skin off WL's ass, but lots & lots of people were disappointed. They didn't have shit to do on a beautiful Sunday evening. To make it up to their fans, the band has accepted an invitation to appear with Kitchen's Floor on Wednesday night at a place called Little Bar at 8th & Fitzwater.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hey, some disappointing news: Sunday's gig is cancelled. Instead, you should all plan to have a blast running around in the rain & wind. WEDNESDAY NIGHT, go to see Kitchen's Floor at a place called Little Bar at 8th & Fitzwater in Philadelphia.

Monday, August 22, 2011



5pm, sharp
$5, cheap

@ The El Bar
in Philadelphia

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Everyone is looking forward to the start of the National Football League season. Everyone. Perhaps no fans are more excited than those of the Philadelphia Eagles. One young fan even took it upon himself to pen this adorable drawing and send it to this web presence. It was made by a creative young fellow. He's a toddler and his name is John Sharkey IV.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Blitz 2011

HOME BLITZ performed a typically rousing set in Allentown, Pennsylvania the other night. Highlights of the evening include cheap beers & shots, menacing patrons at the bar, a video poker machine, and a spirited delivery of City Kids. (or City Kids, if you prefer.)
Lowlights include an impenetrable plume of cigarette smoke, a little league game rather than a Phillies game on television, and a microphone on each instrument at the expense of the vocals.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

FACTORYMEN -- Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit

Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit
Vinyl 12” EP + 25 track mp3 download

More Mensa material from the Rust Belt. FACTORYMEN is a sociopathic, meticulously crafted studio project that centers around Steve Peffer (Homostupids, Folded Shirt, Pleasure Leftists, etc.). It involves the targeted misuse of Rock & even Dance Music instruments and it’s certain to test the patience of your roommate, lover, or father. Yellow Eyes & The Sound of Vomit is an obtuse, off-putting, though catchy mini-album. These are the types of tunes that will roll around in your empty head and you’ll recall them, with horror, as you wait for the bus or write a check for rent or when you beg for forgiveness from your boss after your latest fuck-up. This record is the soundtrack to unpleasantness.

305 copies. Covers silk-screened by Neil Burke at Monoroid.

Includes mp3 download for Yellow Eyes... + Shitman + the debut FACTORYMEN 45 on My Mind’s Eye Records.

$16ppd to US
$18ppd to Canada/Mexico
$24ppd to the World

paypal to TestosterTunes [[[at]]] [[[gmail]]]