Monday, January 28, 2008


The debut 45 by FNU RONNIES of Philadelphia is out now. Check out if you want to purchase a single copy. Send an email to if you want 10x or more for some reason. Send an email to if you want to send $30 via PayPal if you live in the U.S.A. for 4 items: a) FNU RONNIES "Meat" 45 on white vinyl, b) CLOCKCLEAN ER "Frogrammer b/w Early Man" on regular black vinyl, c) HOMOSTUPIDS "The Brutal Birthday EP" also on regular vinyl, and 4) VIOLENT STUDENTS "self titled" compact disc on Parts Unknown Records. Quantities are mad limited and you'd better act soon if you're not a fucking poser.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Two-Thousand-Hate is finally here. What a goddamn relief. THIRD TUES DAY NIGHT MUSIC NIGHT resumes this week.. Jan 15 at Atlantis/The Lost Bar @ Frankford & Hagert Sts. in Philadelphia. Guest Jock Scott "Sully" Sullivan will show up this time around. Next month Jack Rose is threatening to show up and give a lesson on the later CHROME records..

More news to follow.. for now, here's an interview with VEGETATIVE STATE out of Columbus Ohio...

Questions answered by
Tim the bass player and his boyfriend Jamal.

How long has VEGETATIVE STATE be
en a band?
A very early version of VS called the Problems formed in the fall of 2004. Our first guitar player was emo and hated all the music we liked so we kicked his stupid ass out. For a couple of months we practiced and managed to get pay to play shows with shitty emo bands at frat bars. It felt very isolating. It wasn't until we started playing with the Feelers that it got real interesting. We've had constant lineup changes on the guitar. Our second guitarist left because he wanted to play different music, but what the hell. We've been around for three years and have gotten the most done in the last year.

What's your favorite thing about Terry Shaivo?
When her story was all over the news, I was quite intrigued by it all. Her oblivious smile was really fucking funny, and it was just pathetic how the anti-choice and pro-death people used her as a piece of meat. Sell some papers, get the ratings, spread the venereal-like agenda. If they could exploit her, why can't we? I remember in the early days, we made a couple of posters of her with a carrot in her mouth and showed them to people. The only time they found it funny was if they were either drunk or under 16. but I have to say my favorite thing about her is that she was a good sport about it.

What’s your favorite non-hardcore record?
(Andrew)Closing Of Winterland 1978- Grateful Dead

(Adam) In The Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel
(Alex) The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn- Pink Floyd
(Ryan) Is This It?- the Strokes
(Tim) Tie between "Live At Leeds" by the Who and "Daydream Nation" by Sonic Youth

What is your favorite part about having sex with your teacher?

Most of the teachers at my school are cunts but like many child molesters, we go tooling, but instead of little kids its teachers. Its great because you can talk about current events while the slut blows you instead of having to answer "of course you look ravishing" for the millionth time. If you're not careful, the whole situation can turn bad as in she'll want to call you the next day, and the whole thing will turn into a bad Lifetime movie. That's why you always have to give fake phone numbers. In this kind of work, you don't have time for "relationships". Keep on tooling for teacher anus.

VS plays shows with some pretty childish bands in Columbus. Do you ever feel too mature for your audience?

At first, we were real nervous about our crowd but after playing and going to so many shows, and meeting lots of people, it doesn't feel as bad anymore. Its funny because a lot of the older people in the Columbus "scene" attempt to teach us life lessons but those people are either drunk or have the humor of a 16 year old. It’s still nice though. The childish people are the fucking hipster douches that show up sometimes with their scarves and "ironic" shirts. They are just too cool to notice us as they sit at the bar drinking whatever piss they picked that night. They are there just to be seen and look cool. We can see right through your plastic mac.

Isn't there some beef between you and that guy from CLOCKCLEAN ER? What the fuck dude?

He was just jealous of my DRI tattoo. It was the Four of A Kind album cover that was on my arm. Some people are just a little envious. And they didn't even make out with me. That felt like a slap to the face. Now I know how Tu Pac felt when Biggie betrayed him. This will end being bigger than Tu Pac and Biggie or Oasis aand Blur. Its your choice o' cleaners of the clock. Next time you cowpokes are in deez here parts, expect a bucket of fresh jenkem to splatter you. We have the technology. Lulz.

Ever gang-banged the librarian?

That's kind of fantasy for me. A sultry siren of a librarian asking me if I needed "reference" material, while I ask her if she wants to see my Dewey decimal system. Very horrorshow. We could add them on with the teachers. You know you've come far when you used to attack homeless drunks but now you fuck librarians.

Is it tough being the best band in your high school?

Two of us go to an all boys school which means no pussy, no fun, but most importantly, no culture. Music is Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews and the guitar is a novelty toy. The bands at the other schools are all fucking awful, and whenever we play our singer's school, people just clear the room. But when the pretty boy Emo fags start playing, the place is packed. Its always funny seeing all the girls taking pictures of those bands to put on their myspace. In the meantime we yell shit about towelheads and get called racists because everything is foamwrap PC nowadays. But I know that we are doing something different and being rejected for it while they play this asinine 2000's Hair Metal. at least we can say we've played with a shitload of our favorite bands and those are the bands they'll be writing books about. Hair Metal of the 2000's will the fodder as as many jokes as 1980's hair metal. But I hope we can be at most a footnote.

What VEGEATATIVE STATE records can suckers buy?

Our first 7 is down to 45 copies that you can get from us, and a couple of distro sites might have it.

Any new ones on the way?

Our new album "Basement Mantra" is done and you can get on CdR from us at shows but it should be out in the near future on Parts Unknown. Viva la Knotts!

Oh Right
. Whats with Vegetative State and Don Knotts? We wanted our own Eddie, so we resurrected the corpse of Mr. Knotts. He is our spiritual leader and drinking buddy.

learn more about VS by clicking on this link: LINK.