Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Three brief items

Here's some news to go alongside a gruesome image:

Old pal Tony Rettman has revived his 200lb Underground web presence. Sure, this is the type of reading that's better suited to stapled half-sheets while you're perched on the porcelain throne. But it's free this way, so cheer up.

And free music kicks ass, so have a look at soundcloud.com/testostertunes. Have a listen and a download, on me. These tracks have been painstakingly chosen and sequenced to produce the perfect workout mix for your portable music device. That is, if your routine requires more than a mere fifteen pushups at a go.

Midwest, mark your calendars. WATERY LOVE will perform at Horrible Fest in Cleveland on Sat May 12 & at Gooski's in Pittsburgh on Sunday May 13.