Tuesday, May 04, 2010

BIRDS OF MAYA tour single and tourdates READY TO TOUR MAY 2010 !!!!!!!

Well here's a representative item from the mail bag...

Dear TestosterTunes..
Shit thnx for released Ready 2 Howl!!! 2 vinyls of hardsike fury!! That shits guitarded int he best way!!!! 1 miner suggestion tho, it's 2 DAM SHORT!! Plz giv me more & mroe blazing licks to fry my head!!
Lucas II in Pittsville

Well Lucas II, your prayers have been answered by your god. I present to you, your ilk, and the sentient beings of this earth a 7inch single hot on the heels of Ready To Howl. It's the third vinyl release from Phila's BIRDS OF MAYA and it's a scorching outlaw anthem titled 'Regulation'. This one finds the rock-solid Killinger/Leaphart/Polizze unit joined by Harmonica Dan, a veteran of institutions such as Boogie Witch, the Mega-Jam Booze Band, and the Philadelphia Record Exchange. Pick it up from the band at a live appearance in May.

All dedicated fans and curious gawkers are encouraged to attend one of these performances by any means necessary. It's taken these guys 12+ years to leave the mid-atlantic, and chances are it won't happen again anytime this century. This trip is nasty, brutish, and short, just like certain other things in this world...

So quit your job and do what you have to do to see these guys and pick up this little record while you're at it..

Here's the dates..

Friday May 7
with Timmy's Organism, Puffy Areolas, Pop. 1280, Homostupids, Cock ESP, & more

Saturday May 8
at LAGER HOUSE in Detroit
with Johnny Ill Band, Dan Kroha (Gories, Demolition Doll Rods), The Jellyhearts

Sunday May 9

Sunday May 9
at REUBEN'S PALACE in Chicago

Monday May 10

Tuesday May 11
at CAFE BOURBON ST in Columbus OH
with Mount Carmel, Churches Burn

Wednesday May 12
at HELTER SHELTER in Pittsburgh
with The Temps, Secret Tombs

Saturday May 15
with Watery Love

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Checking in with Steve-o and Johnny...

Now is as a good time as any to check in on the activities of two longtime friends of the weblog. I'm talking about Mr. Steve Peffer of the greater Cleveland area and John Sharkey, who now resides in the nation of Australia. Each of these fine fellows has embraced new media to give us the gifts of sound and the written word.

Steve has been jocking an excellent radio program called 'Night Music'. His soothing voice penetrates the airwaves from the 4th floor of the Cole Center at Cleveland State University at 89.3FM WCSB on Wednesday nights at 11pm to present a nocturnal mix of of interesting sounds both old and new. The second half of the broadcast can be especially eye-opening as your host takes full advantage of relaxed FCC rules and proceeds to play tunes that some listeners may find objectionable. Subscribe to the podcast at nightmusicradio.blogspot.com.

And Johnny? Well, he spun off his highly rated guest column on this URL into a an outlet of his very own. He's been busy watching our beloved Philadelphia Phillies on mlb.tv on a public computer in Canberra and hunting and pecking his way to an interesting and insightful weblog. They say that distance only makes the heart grow fonder, and this new web presence would seem to confirm that suspicion. Like a stern father, our Johnny celebrates the team's success and ridicules its failures. This is a nice addition to the growing literature on the Phils 3rd straight World Series run. Keep clicking on bigsharkeyshow.blogspot.com for frequent updates and adorable photos from the editor's youth.