Sunday, August 06, 2006

Recent Spins; Singles Edition: a little hole, a big hole, 14 inches all told

Hey readers, here's what's been keeping the office abuzz. Reviews of records written by the staff. Scroll down to see what we've got to sell.

HOME BLITZ 45 rpm 7inch single

Retarded teenage sounds. Probably not made by a teenager. Assuredly made by one dude all by himself. This shit swings like high school desperation. Like if you can play all the rock instruments and cut a record maybe she’ll let you get a grip on her shit. The mailorder department working out a deal to stock this title.

HOMOSTUPIDS “the Glow” ep 45 rpm 7inch single

Distorted nihilist shit that is totally ready to hit the fan. Ready to knock shit the fuck DOWN. They know how to let a dude spit fire and tarter sauce into a mic and when to let a guitar fucking breathe man. For real you, the speakers will rattle when the band starts, but they’ll try and strangle you when the vocals kick in. We liked this one so much we got a limited number to sell through the mail. We liked it so much that we’re releasing a record by the group called “the Brutal Birthday” ep.

Well those are our reviews this time around, folks. Maybe next time we'll tell you about the Sex Pistols. No Feelings and all that. We're working out deals to release music by the PROFOS and KISS, so stay tuned as that develops.

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