Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uriah Killingher on Phils & Birds

Checked in with Kensington's notorious sandlot ballplayer Uriah Killingher recently. We tuned the radio to hear the Phils fight their way to clinching the NL East as we hashed over post-season possibilities and scenarios. Contributions from Pedro, the reawakening of Raul's bat, the career-year from Werth, a recent grand slam from Feliz, Bruntlett's triple play, the need for some rest before playoffs, pitching woes... we covered all the big topics. He expressed cautious optimism at the Phils' chances at a repeat. One thing is certain: there are some tough teams standing between the Phils and another parade up Broad Street, but the 2009 squad has the talent and the heart to make it happen.

Also got a peak at Ryan Howard's autograph, which was awarded to Uriah at a clinic he attended at Richie Ashburn Field at FDR Park.

We hoped to get some insights into his father's hard rock band, Birds of Maya, but it turns out that Uriah "never really heard them", despite living in the house where they practice and having attended a recent outdoor gig.

See Birds of Maya live in concert, Saturday October 3 @ Kong Fu Necktie in Phila w/ Kurt Vile & the Violators; Wednesday October 7 @ the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

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