Friday, April 23, 2010

Richie Records // TestosterTunes T-shirts for sale

Take a look at Philadelphia's best dressed music act in the new line of Richie Records t-shirts. Those are high-quality American Apparel tshirts in black and slate gray and they feature the iconic logo designed by Hawk Krall. They were expertly printed by Neil Burke of Life's Blood at Monoroid and they're now available to the general public. Size available are men's medium to extra large. There's even a few in woman's size medium in the event that a female or a dainty male wants one. So paypal TestosterTunes at gmail dot com with the proper amount and don't forget to specify size and color..

To USA : $17
To Canada/Mexico : $19
To the rest of the world : $27

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Blitz News

photo by Tiffany Yoon

Well it's been a goddamn busy spring season for Handsome Dan and his HOME BLITZ. The new co-ed lineup is universally heralded as the finest group based in the Mid-Atlantic. They just returned from a string of highly rated gigs through the US, they're earning a reputation as one of the finest upbeat no-frills guitar acts on the circuit today, and there's a new record to add to your growing shelf of essential HB releases. Each new HB offering sets a higher standard than the one previous, and this 2-song single on the Almost Ready imprint is no exception. This one's a thick platter that boasts appropriately slick fidelity, proud clean duck-walking guitars, persistent 'Waiting For My Man'-style ivory tickling, piss, vinegar, a blazing, mournful guitar solo, and an echo of Zeppelin. Perpetual Night is a true single in the sense that it's got a bona fide hit on the a-side and a sturdy cut, in this case a cover tune, on the flip. Check the usual avenues and outlets to hear for yourself.

Here's HB's upcoming NY-centric gig schedule...

April 30 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn
May 15 @ Glasslands in Brooklyn
May 21 @ Pi Lam in University City, Phila
June 4 @ Don Pedro's in Brooklyn

And right here is a link to download a live set from a place called Club 529 in Atlanta. Add it to your mp3 player if you want to hear them competently perform a confident set in front of a ho-hum audience. It was thoughtfully recorded and graciously shared by longtime TestosterFan Henry Owings of the Chunklet organization.

A photo of 2 handsome fans

One, a player of a Rolling Rock guitar. The other, the proud owner of a Thunderkit. Both are concerned about every pitcher but one.