Thursday, November 06, 2008

Checking in with Mike Robinson of FULLY COHERENT.....

Well it's been a real whirlwind of an early autumn. First the Philadelphia Phillies entered the playoffs, and then they won the World Series. The Philadelphia Phillies are the World Champions of Baseball.

In similarly thrilling news, CLOCKCLEAN ER breaks its hiatus with tour of Australia. Pry your eyes open for the Aus. release of BABYLON RULES and the tour single titl
ed SKINHEADED LADY b/w HATE CITY. Another thing to buy soon is the READY 2 FIGHT 12" on Fan Death Records.

And peep this.. we checked in with Mike Robinson of FULLY COHERANT. In 2005 FC released
a single titled "Feel Dead EP". Four songs of guitar and spite and paranoia and probably trash cans. Since then there's been a couple of live gigs and a lot of aborted plans as this maniac keeps up a fruitless search in the corny town of Austin, Texas for suitable sidemen..

TestosterTunes: Yo bro what’s new with Fully Coherant?
Mike: Nothing really. Ive been sick and bassplayr is going out of town. In nov I’m goimg to try and pull it together to play maxs thing. I told him wantd to headline one of the nights just to be a prick but I don’t think hes into that idea. I think its great unknown local band headlining, shit
it could be someone else and I think it would be funny. Guess I have to ‘pay my dues’ and play a bunch of shitty shit first ha

Well I figured that wouldn’t be a problem. Aren’t you real popular in Austin?
Ha ha I guess. There is hype tho and that’s all u need. And ladies and the ladies do love me. All those slightly puddgy mutant punk women throw aways ha ha. People will eat up anything. Im unhindered by talent.

I’m in Atlantic City. Any advice for me?

Never been there. Casinos and ho’s!
When are we going to hear some new music?

Im matt muscl
ing it up to make money to get the recording equipment for the next fc record. Otherwise its going to have buckets and shit and who wants that. Im going to get fat and a perm so they can call me reatard again

What r u doing there?

I’m at the roulette table trying to make enough cash to put out the next fc record

Ha ha once I make the cash to get
the equipment il send u it.

You still on the night shift?

Nope. I do dinner now which is 4 to 11. Much better for my mind.

Do you get to listen to total chaos at work?

Ha ha if I wantd to. I got thru phases right now its 60s stuff. Use to rock cc and sst spot loved it.
Shit yeah, spot. I caught up with ginn a couple weeks ago.

Spot rules. I told john on how I tried to sell him on the idea of recording cc. He was sorta into it. Im eventually going to get him to do fc.
That guy reco
rded Jealous Again and New Day Rising. What makes you think he wants to monkey around with your one man band?

Duz obviously he knows we are austing first and last punk band and quality. Ha. Also ive spent 6 yrs hangin out with him at work, he loves the stuff and asks all the time when I’m playn again… Itl happen one day. I askd before and he seemed into it. Spot rules, a little weird but whatever.

What does he eat at the diner?

Whatever he wante man I don’t know. He fel off a stole drunk once and bustd his head open that was funny. That day he ate shit

So let’s be real. Is your new live band going to be better than the last one?

Of course. Instead of speed and booze I smoke weed and drink import beer.


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