Friday, January 16, 2009


KURT VILE "Overnite KV" UK Tour CDEP
Richie Records // TestosterTunes Tour Support #1

So the Limey's couldn't afford to buy all the copies of this one. Well maybe they'll wise up someday. Kurt brought some home and we're liquidating stock. Out with the old and all that. Overnite KV boasts elegant bedroom noodlin' from our buddy's back catalog that fans of Constant Hitmaker will no doubt drool over and blog about. Buy it now b/c we don't have many left...


1. _____
2. my sympathy
3. red apples
4. beach on the moon (recycled lyrics)
5. can't come
6. overnite kv
7. i know i got religion
8. losing it
9. wanna see god

So if you live in the USA, PayPal $7.00 to TestosterTunes at gmail . com straight away and we'll mail one to ya.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Would love to order this thing, but I live in Europe (Norway, to be exact). Any chances I could still order it? How much should I make payable to your PayPal account?