Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jesse Trbovich, of the Violators, pictured on the left.

Turbo by TestosterTunes.

me: are you nervous about the gig?
jesse: No!
me: I would be. All those eyes staring at me.
jesse: I'm psyched... I need to play with those cats and vent some. This week has been mildly annoying...
Well, are they gonna close 'em during the Watery Love set?
me: Do you take out your frustrations on your baritone guitar?
jesse: Well, sometimes... I'm actually doing fine. This morning was a little weird, and I've been busy at work this week...
Seriously though: I'm not nervous.
Sent at 2:40 PM on Wednesday

See Jesse w/ KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS on Thursday Feb 12 @ Kong-Fu Necktie at Front & Thompson in Philadelphia. opening acts: WATERY LOVE, BOGAN DUST

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