Friday, May 29, 2009

100th web log post!! Another Other Voices!! Purling Hiss!!

One Hundred messages to you lucky readers. Truly a milestone. Enough celebrating. Here's another guest music review from Max Milgram.. a concise, no-nonsense description of a shredding 6-track compact disc made by PURLING HISS of Philadelphia.

"Purling Hiss" - a music review by Max Milgram

Aparently "purling" is an actual word having to do with rippling water or something. Huh. This is the solo project of perenially jolly Birds of Maya (seriously among the best modern full-throttle rock bands) guitarist Mike Pollize. Those familiar with the Birds' frenzied action will find much to rejoice here, with a similarly overloaded assault. What this lacks in BOM's pounding groove more than makes up for in slobbering guitar excess. The opening track has a weird avant-Van Halen tech feel. Things really get going on the second track that is right up the alley for fans of High Rise, Afflicted Man, Monoshock, and other such gonzoid psycho-delic guitar punkers, complete with Pollize howling something about his baby. There's riffs on this puppy, but mainly just constant wah-ed out guitar shredding. Is this what Terry Brooks sounds like?

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Andy said...

I thought it was a great spoonerism??? like a favourite pastime at festivals etc. Hurling piss!