Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well, the calender has just about turned over and we still haven't discussed The Load by the HOMOSTUPIDS. Time to correct that oversight. After all, this web presence was originally conceived as a fan site devoted to the Stupids. These guys been at the forefront of black-hole Skull Music ever since Handsome Steve Peffer learned to program a drum beat. It really hit the fan when he picked up an undersized bass-guitar and tracked down a couple of creeps to fill out the lineup. In a time when every twit on earth seems to get a homemade tattoo, throw reverb on his vocals, and start a band in brooklyn, Cleveland's Homostupids stand alone as the pre-eminent scuzz/hate group on the planet. The only one worth a nickel, really. Some circles have been anticipating this release for a while, as it was rumored that the whole album had been shelved. They've been fluffing us for a while with vinyl-only singles of questionable value on obscure labels and rare appearances outside of Ohio, but this is pretty much it... the second full-sized record. It's got about a dozen tracks on it, and it just barely exploits 24 inches of playable surface at 45 rpms. It gives some nods to GG, it's provocative, and it shows some unexpected swagger. Besides, every single record ever made would be improved if it had 'Flies Die' on it...

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