Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ladies and mostly Gentlemen.... PURLING HISS


Well it’s finally here. It’s the new LP by PURLING HISS and it’s called Hissteria. It’s two sides of hi-energy psychedelic punk rock & roll that manages to weld Funhouse‘s dialed-in sleaze rhythms to the hungover excess of Hendrix at Woodstock. Or Ginn at Polliwog Park. It’s full of clanging cymbals, howling vocals, fretboard heroics, and menacing vibes.
Purling Hiss is the work of a well-mannered longhair named Mike Polizze, who is best known for his reckless shredding as the guitar player for Philadelphia’s BIRDS OF MAYA. Hissteria is a suitable soundtrack for zonked drives across the dead highways of the USA. Or for predawn paranoid sessions as you pace back and forth in the kitchen trying figure out just what the hell you’re going to do, man.
Or just crank it real loud when the party gets strange. Some people will love it and the rest of them can just go somewhere else and go fuck themselves.

This record is on its way now to your favorite stores and mailorder houses. Those needing to get it direct may paypal at will to Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. Maybe longer if you live outside the U.S.

U.S. - $15 postpaid
Canada - $18
The Rest of the World - $25

And does anyone want a copy of Regulation by BIRDS OF MAYA W/ HARMONICA DAN? Well, there's some leftover. Add $5 to your order and you'll get one.

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