Sunday, October 03, 2010

enough loungin' at the barbecues, drinkin' brews... time to catch up with the mild media blitz

As previously mentioned, this web presence has been suspiciously silent. Please don't mistake a lack of communication for a period of inactivity. Things have been busy as ever around here. There's been live music gigs, catastrophic weather conditions, beer guzzling weekends, quarterback controversies, arm wrestling tournaments, LFL matches, and a pennant race to hold one's attention. Clearly, it's been difficult to find the time and attention to hunt and peck transmissions to the faithful readers and TestosterFans out there.
Thankfully, a handful of competing media outlets have been intelligent enough to know a good story when they see one.

Take a peak at the interview that WBSTYN author Tony Rettman was able to pry from the famously coy members of BIRDS OF MAYA.

PURLING HISS got a nod from the PW over here. Everybody already knows that Hissteria needs to get crammed into each and every record collection, but not quite everyone knows about HISSTOURIA. It'll be an exhaustive and exhausting trip through the US. Check back for dates and get in touch if you'd like this tour to wrap through your town. Particularly if you live in Pacific Northwest or California.

Most of those PH dates will be with KURT VILE & his world-class VIOLATORS. The Granduciel/Zeng/Trbovich lineup has cleared their plates and the continental US is in for a treat. Peak dates here.

WATERY LOVE was featured on the YellowGreenRed website over here and they'll soon be given the full treatment as the grace the cover of a yet to be published print magazine called Put The Music In Its Coffin. Some of you might like to know that WL will be playing with TACO LEG (Perth) in Philadelphia on Dec 1.

The drive-time staple, MUSIC FOR YOUR METHLAB, came to a careful and calculated halt recently. Read the story right here. And if you had failed to request a complementary copy of the 'Best of the Methlab' compact disc? You're out of luck.

And the Richie Records // TestosterTunes label itself is the subject of a recent feature at the Terminal Boredom web magazine. This one is possibly worth a cursory skim.

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