Wednesday, January 04, 2012


And here's a thrilling guided tour through the emotional ups & downs of 2011 as experienced by Max Milgram:

At first I listed the Phillies on here in a pretty optimistic tone.  While it's a shame that a record-making season had to fizzle out in such a pathetic fashion, the end is ultimately all that matters.    So fuck them.  That last series was terrible.  Better luck in 2012.
1.   All the fine releases on Richie Records//Testostertunes.  Every single one of them display countless charms and musical integrity (and one even has an ex- member of Integrity).
2. Watery Love- Two Thrills 7".  Yeah, the songs "rock", for better or for worse, but what really seperates this one from the pack is the keen understanding and breadth of feeling it conveys.  Adult topics  dealt with empathy.
3.   Getting real into cooking poultry.  Always considered chicken to be the least exciting thing to eat but 2011 found me getting a real hang on getting a great balance of sharp and crispy skin with moist meat.  Roasted chicken, duck confit, thanksgiving turkey, crusted thighs with peanut noodles,  fried, whatever.
4.  Any get-together at the Killinger house is always a fantastic evening filled with good cheer and happy friends.  Wether it's Megajam Booze Band practice or just an impromptu hang, the place exudes positivity and hospitality.  On two occasions I watched Jason deliberately spill a huge bucket of bottle caps.  While that was no fun for anyone, it still seemed right in the context of the evening.  Thank you to Jason, Eva, Uriah, Ada, and Tichy.
5.  The one-two punch of Watery Love's "Die With Dignity" and "Two Thrills" 7"s.  Too  "real"to be contained on one 7".  The length of the songs and the physical limitations of the format also contributed.
6.  Watery Love "Die With Dignity" 7".  Some might argue that there's too many songs but every  last one of 'em is a stone cold killer.  I'd say that's a problem most bands wish they could have!
7.  Finally getting with the digital age.  First I started to use these things called "emoticons" with my text messages.  Then I joined after a 2 month internal and external debate.  Now I'm on and being utterly demolished by everyone who I play Scrabble with.
8.  Tony and Danielle Rettman as houseguests.  Spent a couple of drunk record-listening and turkey-talking nights with this dynamic duo on their Philly visits this year.  But the best thing is that in the morning, they're OUTTA HERE!  No coffee drinking or brunch eating for these guys!   I really appreciate the speed of departure so as to avoid weird questions like "Why are you sleeping with my underwear?"
9.  Watery Love "Two Thrills" 7".  Has anyone noticed the guitar action on this puppy???!!!  Wow!

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