Thursday, February 24, 2011

HOMOSTUPIDS to visit the West Coast

Attn: Readers in California, Reno, the Pacific Northwest, and Vancouver. Cleveland's HOMOSTUPIDS are making an out-of-character trip to your area. It takes a special combination of begging and bribing to get these mutants to even cross the Ohio River, so one can only assume that they're expecting something special from the mellow hordes near the other Ocean. Only a bona fide mental defective would pass up the opportunity to witness the globe's foremost black-hole Skull Music act.

Fri. Mar 4 San Fran w/ Knight Of the New Crusade, Wild Thing *Venue TBA
Sat. Mar 5 Oakland w/ Little Queenie @ Stork Club
Sun. Mar 6 Sacramento w/ Rat Damage @ The Hub
Mon. Mar 7 Reno w/ Soda Jerk @ The HQ
Tue. Mar 8 Portland w/ White Fang, Therapists @ House Show
Wed. Mar 9 Olympia w/ Criminal Code, Red and Black @ House Show
Thr. Mar 10 Vancouver w/ Shearing Pinx, Eating Out @ Honey Lounge
Fri. Mar 11 Seattle w/ Black Breath, Condominium, White Wards @The Highline
Sat. Mar 12 Portland w/ Condominium, Organized Sports @ Slab Town

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