Monday, February 14, 2011



Six years back, Cleaner got involved with a grownup who wears black nail polish and hangs a pentagram around his neck. Scary! This frightening individual pulled up in his hearse, got a hold of an album titled Nevermind, and disappeared in a plume of smoke. Haven't seen him since. He's likely stirring a cauldron and staring at the calendar, waiting anxiously for Halloween to arrive.

Anyway, the reasonable people at Fan Death Records have re-released Nevermind on a vinyl LP. It's a nasty record that's been locked away by a comic book reader for too long.

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Black Mike Time said...

Can I have my Total Chaos shirt back. You don't live the street punk life style

Emma said...

This is an awesome release and everyone should get it. Fan Death is the fuckin best.