Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching up with Dizzy Polizze & Purling Hiss

Dizzy, in the van. Oct, 2011.

At this late date, there's not a single turntable or digital music device on earth unfamiliar with the sounds of Purling Hiss. For those readers recently returned from a stint in the clink, a season in the abyss, or an Appalachian excursion: Purling Hiss is the curiously named act fronted by a modern-day-Yngwie: Michael "Dizzy" Polizze. Begun as a late-night studio project, the Hiss had released a considerable stack of hi-energy sleazy sounds in a matter of weeks before hiring the workman-like rhythm section of Mike Sneeringer & Kiel Everett last winter and taking the show on the road.
The guys (out with Phila's War on Drugs) are on the road now, cutting a path back to the east coast and away from the burnt side of the nation. I was able to squeeze a few words from Dizzy in between cities. He answered from the van on a lifted iPad while haunting etsy.com for a purple frilly stage outfit & a translucent Dan Armstrong guitar.

So you've been playing that Mexican Strat for a lot longer than I've known you. In the past few months you've traveled & performed more than ever before. How do you enjoy sleeping on the floors of strangers?

Yo Richie I'm glad you asked. That Strat's been with me for a while. Sometimes we can avoid the floor and make it onto a couch or air mattress.

In the studio its just been you so far. You told me a while back that you play drums for a while and then put guitar and your howls on top of it. That can't be true.

Everything that ive put out has been just me on the recordings. It's pretty much been demos and loose ideas. 

We are working on new stuff and will record as a band. Its been coming along nicely.

What's the story with that new guitar?

The new guitar is a 1980 strat. I wanted a back up and found that on craigslist. I had to meet a stranger in a parking lot for the deal to go down. 

What do you jam in the van more often, Hendrix or Flag?

More flag. Listened to Slip it in yesterday.. Some Germs stuff too. I even just read Broken Summers by Henry Rollins. Got it cheap from Borders. They are going out of business.

for tour dates & other info, www.facebook.com/purlinghiss

 Limerence / Space Roots by PURLING HISS by TestosterTunes 

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