Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dead Cats Hangin' From Poles

carved from a pumpkin, 2011

Here's some news:

TACO LEG singles will be ready to purchase any day now. Watch this space and have your paypal trigger finger ready.

SPACIN' has been a groovy addition to the RR//TT landscape. "I will survive, I will get by", indeed.

Ben Leaphart is a criminally underused drummer.

WATERY LOVE has another single coming out soon on Negative Guest List Records. They broke silence and spoke to a nosy scribe.

Halloween remains a silly holiday and it's best to stay home candy-free and don Phil Anselmo costume.

BLUES CONTROL is off the grid.

HOME BLITZ has a new single. Of course it's essential.

Bernard Hopkins was robbed.

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