Tuesday, April 07, 2009

all right...

What an attractive hard rock band.

CLEANER gig in Philadelphia, PA USA coming up soon.. Saturday April 18. Show up on time for rare east coast appearances from the HOMOSTUPIDS out of Cleveo and the LAMPS from way out in the Los Angeles region. PINK REASON is going to be there as well, hopefully as a full-on rock ensemble. And let's not forget RUSS WATERHOUSE & LEA CHO of the avant-lick, skull-embraced BLUES CONTROL jocking some hot tunes on the hi-fi over the course of the evening.

And we're not just letting every Tom, Dick, or Carrie into the venue. Plead your sorry case to Steven@r5productions.com to see about cramming your sweaty, soft body into the bar and making a miserable evening into something altogether unbearable.

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