Friday, April 24, 2009

Other Voices...

Occasionally, voices other than that of God will be published on this web log -- voices that are under-represented in the Media. So here's the voice of first-time, long-time Max Milgram. We asked him to discuss a turtle, some ducks, and the correct way to roast some pork. Instead he got on his high-horse and decided to tell you all about some new record or some shit..

"Known Quantity" by WILLIE LANE
a review by Max Milgram

"Known Quantity" is a slow crawl through nocturnal guitar ragas and blues. Some of it is reminiscent of Sandy Bull at his most FX-damaged but this is much more time-warping and dislocating and much less mustache- and heroin-driven than Bull ever was. This also appears to be less linear, if I may be so bold, than many current and past six string wrestlers, giving a pleasingly disorienting and alien vibe. Lest anyone accuse me of uncharacteristic optimism, I guess I could complain that the song titles aren't racist enough. Regardless, this is an excellent contemporary psychedelic guitar burner that sounds equally at home during late night binge drinking as it does at an early morning frittata preparation.

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dj hot grits said...

can a ninja get a sound sample!? or at least a place to order this piece?

AND where are the details about the watery love 7"? blastwitude sent ya!