Thursday, April 16, 2009

Checking in w/ BLUES CONTROL

When the music ethnographers exhaust worthwhile periods and they get around to investigating the train wreck early 2000s, surely BLUES CONTROL will rank highly. Formed in Harlem, the duo was recently chased out of the greater-Brooklyn area for being overly in-touch with reality and insufficiently wacky and full of shit. Some readers may charge that BC's low-key avant-soothing sounds are inconsistent with the generally macho focus of this web log. To those people we say, "go fuck yourself."

Russ Waterhouse & Lea Cho will be choosing between-band music at Saturday's Cleaner gig (starts early... 8pm). They were characteristically gracious enough to answer a few questions in anticipation of the event..

TestosterTunes: What's the best album by the Scorps?

Russ Waterhouse: Wish I could say Virgin Killer, because of the killer cover, but it's pretty weak. Fly To The Rainbow is a favorite, but Love At First Sting was the hit, so that must be the best.

Lea Cho:
Taken by Force is the most underrated early Scorps record. the last song sounds like a chorus of mail-order brides...Sharkey would probably be into it.

TT: Better frontman.. Larry Lifeless or Diamond Dave?

RW: Larry David.

When a man wearing a Boston Sewer Commission t-shirt puts his arm around you, asks if you know "Adolf Satan", tries to make out with you, and then takes you backstage to demonstrate power can you not be infatuated??

TT: Spring rolls or egg rolls?

RW: Egg drop soup. The mo egg the better.

I got some hot wings that'll last all night.

TT: What size t-shirts to you guys wear?

RW: XXXL, with a Padres logo. U Gotta Go 2 Mo's 4 That.

I prefer a mens small. If you don't have any, just use Max as a reference.

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