Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Yo world.. THE HUNCHBACK E.P. by KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS is now available on compact disc.

$10 ppd to the USA
$12 ppd to Canada/Mexico
$15 ppd to the World

If you own or manage a music retailer, get in touch. We deal direct.

The reviews for this E.P. are overwhelmingly positive. Here's one from a guy named Larry at Blastitude..

KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS: The Hunchback EP 12" (RICHIE) Mr. Vile's 'official debut' full-length Constant Hitmaker was Blastitude's favorite album of 2008, but on this brand new follow-up he kinda sidesteps away from the one-man constant hitmaking... now he's got a backing band and they casually throw down a few loud machine-trance workouts, getting into a cool grinding city rock, a little more brooding and grim. On the first album there was a fair amount of sun breaking out of the haze, but now it's definitely night-time. Also, this EP doesn't use any of the zoned-out solo fingerpicking styles that are on the first album, and while on first spin that was slightly disconcerting, on second, third, and now fourth, I don't mind at all. Mainly because the Violators are a serious band - drummer is basically perfect, and so is the way the other two (on guitar, bass, baritone guitar, more) blend with KV's six-string brilliance. I don't even mind that four out of the six cuts are instrumentals, or that the record is over way too fast... makes it that much easier to play it again and again...

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