Friday, April 03, 2009

Checking in w/ BIRDS OF MAYA

Some hard rock bands are slick, and some are sleazy. BIRDS OF MAYA are both. For the most part, two knuckledraggers lock into some type of drooling pound/groove while a third dirtbag skips around like he's standing on hot coals and he teases about 2 thousand bent notes out of his Mexican Strat. Burn with em tonight at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood, NY w/ KURT VILE and tomorrow night at Danger Danger in Philadelphia w/ BLUES CONTROL, & MEG BAIRD.

We bribed the BIRDS for an rare interview at their practice space inside of an abandoned and unusually small walk-in freezer. Here's the answers that they were able to agree on between fits of coughing...

TestosterTunes: What the fuck is a Bird of Maya?
BOM: Some nonsense Tommy Hall made up

TT: So time travel… do you dirtbags jet to the past or to the future?
BOM: The future's uncertain, and the end is always near

TT: Sometimes I see you greaseballs at the bar and all you do is giggle uncontrollably. Do you have a favorite comedian?
BOM: Mitch Hedberg!

TT: Who dresses you guys?
BOM: What's that supposed to mean?

TT: The Doors. Pro or con?
BOM: way pro

TT: Do your neighbors like you?
BOM: Jason's the block captain

TT: Do your parents respect you?
BOM: as much as you would expect them to

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